Ovum Report: Market EarlyBird

On the Radar: EarlyBird cures financial services’ Twitter headache

Ovum, the market-leading research and consulting business for digital technology solutions, has produced a research piece on Market EarlyBird.

The report describes how the EarlyBird service is filling a void in helping traders to effectively access Twitter in a regulatory compliant way, and enabling them to unlock the social network’s true value for analysis and trading in the financial markets.

Covered in this report

  • The impact that compliant Twitter access could have on trading effectiveness
  • The benefits banks may be able to realise from using EarlyBird
  • How banks’ balance traders desire to use Twitter with regulatory concerns
  • How greater value can be unlocked from Twitter for the financial services industry

“The solution produced by Market EarlyBird clearly shows the degree of input and understanding that the company has of traders' requirements, and it gets straight to the heart of the problems they face.”

“The service's value-added analytics capabilities put the firm in a strong position to provide traders with a significant advantage in quickly understanding market moves.”

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